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Smoker Center

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Our Store’s

For your convenience and ease of contact with us
🏛 Main Center: Ramallah – City Center / near Ahli Bank / Junction Nautila Stores
0597192719 – 022966676🏬 Branch 1: Ramallah – Rakab street / Chinese restaurant / junction shops and a carriage

• Second branch: Jenin – Zababda / City Center / Arab League junction
042520465 – 0597958522

🏬 Third branch: Ramallah – Ein Mesbah / The road linking the Open University of Al-Quds to the Abu Zaki nurseries (the secret of Ramallah) / Near Zara Shops

Section 4: Al-Bireh – Umm al-Sharit / opposite the General Staff / near Badran Hall

🏣 Wholesale Center: Alberah 0594787781 – 0594787780 –

🏪 For the services of E cigarettes  and Juice’s in  Gaza Strip through a representative of the company Mr. Joseph Hassan
WhatsApp: +972594440208

🏪 Services for electronic cigarettes and Juice’s in the West Bank and in Israel
WhatsApp: +97259950095


Hours of Operation

  • Monday:9-12 AM
  • Tuesday:9-12 AM
  • Wednesday:9-12 AM
  • Thursday:9-12 AM
  • Friday:2 PM-12 AM
  • Saturday:9-12 AM
  • Sunday: 9-12 AM


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